Doing Business With Ethics
  • Entrepreneurship
    Years of Success
  • Diversity
  • Geographical expansion
Our Mission,
to continue building a family business, with a
highly professional organization, which is profitable
and sustainable across generations, while living our values.
Our vision is to become a reference for
family businesses and families in business.
Our values are:
Doing business with Ethics
Sense of Responsibility
Solidarity and Team Spirit
Established in 1905, Obegi Chemicals is a leading chemical distributor across the Middle East and Africa, with a brand new chemical industrial complex in Egypt and a state of the art, bulk liquid chemical terminal, on the Mediterranean.
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Obegi Consumer Products Holding owns a number of companies whose core competencies are the marketing, sales and distribution and the manufacturing of Fast Moving Consumer Goods.
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A leader in its field for over 50 years, the Unifert Group provides comprehensive solutions to the agricultural industry in the Middle East, Africa and Europe.
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Our Banking Group provide services in Private Banking, Corporate Banking, Retail Banking and Structured Finance, with offices in the Middle East and Europe.
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We have been in logistics since 1959, when "Societe des Produits Alimentaires et Menagers Yordan Obegi s.a.l." was incorporated. Since then we have been offering a wide range of supply chain solutions with the highest standards and service excellence.
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