Established in 1905, Obegi Chemicals Group is a leading chemical distributor across the Middle East and Africa.
Obegi Chemicals prides itself on its heritage, long-acquired skills and well-established relationships in a diverse and adverse environment. We represent major international suppliers and provide a diverse array of products and services to various sectors such as coatings, construction, polyurethane, personal & home care, pharmaceuticals, human & animal nutrition and oil & gas through our 3 business divisions: Fine Chemicals, Performance Chemicals and Infrastructure solutions.
Obegi Chemicals continued to reach new destinations. In 2010, our partnership with the Fahmy family continued with the launching of Alexandria Chemicals Terminal-ALXCT. This enterprise served as the first bulk terminal for chemicals on the Mediterranean coast of Egypt and the logistics base for manufacturing and distribution activities in the MENA region. Moreover, the establishment of ALXCT paved the way in 2017 for the founding of OCIP, a major investment in manufacturing that is also based in Egypt. This strategic move took Obegi Chemicals to the next level.
Provide unparalleled service to the local industry.
Be a partner of choice to our suppliers and customers. Join the best suppliers who provide quality products and services. Be environmentally friendly.
Be the leader in the chemical industry in the MENA region.
Doing business with Ethics.
Putting relationships before short term profits.
Caring about every member of the company.
Bringing the human part in us when dealing with others.
OBEGI CHEMICALS distributes high performance chemical
ingredients in a variety of applications to serve the following industries
Household care
Human & Animal Nutrition
Personal care
Oil and gas
Water Treatments