• Mission

    To continue building a family business, with a highly professional organization, which is profitable and sustainable across generations, while living our values.
  • Vision

    Become a reference for family businesses and families in business.
  • Values

    Doing business with Ethics
    Sense of Responsibility
    Solidarity and Team Spirit
Doing Business with Ethics
Doing business in good faith, with honesty, transparency, and compliance with laws and regulations.

Growing our business without losing our respect for others and our self-esteem.
Sense of Responsibility
Awareness of what you need to do on the individual and collective levels. Be accountable of what you do and decide.

Feel responsible for the team and the company, and feel accountable for the collective result.

The willingness, drive, courage and capacity to go beyond the existing boundaries and discover new territories, to create and develop new business opportunities, while taking the related and appropriate risks.
Solidarity and Team Spirit
Feel concerned about the other and provide support when needed. Have a mindset and attitude which drives you to collaborate, to share and to compromise in order to reach the common goal and to succeed together as a team, as a company.

Remain humble and open for constant improvement and constructive critics. Be open-minded and respectful to others opinions and status. Respect differences and diversity and consider that everyone can bring a contribution.