Our Story
The Obegi Family: A story of successful entrepreneurship since 1905
  • From Textile Dyestuff to
    a Worthwhile Business

    Our story is a fabric that unfolds across three generations and spreads beyond three continents. It all began in 1905 when our founder, Yordan Obegi, started a chemical dyestuffs business to cater for the textile and leather industries in the MENA region.

    More than four decades later, a new office was inaugurated in Beirut to serve the local chemical market. In 1952, a new line of chemical fertilizers was launched in Iraq, Lebanon and Jordan. While chemical manufacturing continued to expand, we set out to establish a foothold in new sectors. Six years later, Obegi Foods was founded in 1958 to handle importing and distribution of FMCG in Lebanon. In fact, the name Obegi has grown to become one of the most recognized brands not only within chemical manufacturing and production of consumer goods, but also across a plethora of sectors ranging from banking and finance, to retail, agriculture, as well as home fashion and lifestyle creations.
1960s: A Golden Page during the Golden Age
The year 1961 marked a new horizon for the Obegi family when Credit Libanais bank was established and soon became the third largest bank in Lebanon.

Following this expansion into the financial sphere, Liban Tapis was added to the Obegi Group in 1967 as joint venture with the Festekjian family. Obegi’s growing success had attracted the family’s competitors altering their position from business rivals to solid partners. In 1968, the Hrechdakian and Khoury families joined forces with us to create UNIFERT (United Fertilizers). This partnership reasserted our leadership in the chemical market. The year 1965 was marked by a venture into the retail market with the opening of LINO in Lebanon, a precursor of OBEGI HOME, selling floor covering Linoleum, fitted carpets, wallpapers and curtains.
1970s: Expansion despite Tension
  • Another expansionary phase began in 1973 as Obegi’s footing in the banking sector continued to thrive reaching Brussels, Luxembourg and Paris through its European-founded bank, BEMO Europe. In the same year, Obegi Better Home, an upmarket design and furniture store, was established during the same year denoting the family’s strong presence in the retail market.
  • Soon after, Henkel Lebanon was founded in 1974 as a joint venture with Henkel KGaA, the German marketer and producer of household detergents. Obegi’s presence in Europe has always been imperative for business plans; in 1978, Obegi Group S.A. Luxembourg, a family holding company, consolidated all business activities of the Obegi family. The civil war in Lebanon did not hold the family back from starting new businesses. As such, in 1979, Al Wadi Al Akhdar, our leading Lebanese foodstuffs was inaugurated. However, in 1985, the family was bound to sell Credit Libanais as the civil war persisted.
1990s: Continuous Growth
  • The Lebanese post war era witnessed further growth within our group. In 1994, Bank BEMO s.a.l. Lebanon was founded, and joined the vibrant Lebanese banking sector.

    After the joint venture with Henkel KGaA was realized in 1974, a new detergent plant was constructed in 1999.
2000s – to present: Sustained Success
Logistica Sal was founded to consolidate all logistics services provided to OCP and external customers such as McDonald’s.
Obegi Chemicals continued to reach new destinations. In 2010, our partnership with the Fahmy family continued with the launching of Alexandria Chemicals Terminal-ALXCT. This enterprise served as the first bulk terminal for chemicals on the Mediterranean coast of Egypt and the logistics base for manufacturing and distribution activities in the MENA region. Moreover, the establishment of ALXCT paved the way in 2017 for the founding of OCIP, a major investment in manufacturing that is also based in Egypt. This strategic move took Obegi Chemicals to the next level.